Zomato asks which dish best describes the first half of 2022, netizens serve up the answers

Zomato recently made headlines for acquiring Blinkit. However, this is not the only reason. The food delivery app is known for sharing quirky posts on social media and this time it evoked nostalgia among users. Taking to Twitter, Zomato asked People “If the first half of 2022 was flat, what would it be?”. The tweet got tons of reactions from netizens. It happened as they shared the weird foods they discovered this year. Few people also shared their Zomato delivery experience. Here is the tweet:

Since going live, the tweet has managed to garner tons of responses. “A really colorful thali with all kinds of dishes!” commented a Zomato user. Another person wrote, “Gulab Jamun – One bite is enough and you don’t even know when it’s finished. Here are some answers.

The social media post is awash with bizarre cooking recipes. From oreo maggi to mango maggi, and so much more, social media has become a hub for these food recipes. Recently, a video that went viral on social media featured Maggi made with a pastry, and so the title becomes Pastry Maggi. In the viral video, a slice of chocolate pastry is seen added to fried onions and chili peppers in a frying pan, which is then mashed with water. Once the bizarre mixture comes to a boil, a block of maggi noodles is added along with its signature flavor pack. The video further shows the cooked Maggi served in a bowl with a thick brown chocolate curry. And in case you forgot, maggi soup is bright yellow or slightly reddish, if sauces are added.

Before that, mango maggi had gone viral on the internet. The clip featured a woman cooking Maggi noodles, adding magic masala and water to a frying pan. Things were going fairly normal until she poured a mango drink into it, along with some fresh mango slices before serving it hot on a plate.

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